Once In A While 

Full transcription of the amazing George Van Eps version of the tune Once In A While from his 1949 Jump Records release, head and solo. This 6 page PDF is notated in Sibelius 8 in standard notation with fingerings and string indications, transcribed by Steve Herberman. (See 6 bar sample below.) 

For George (Van Eps)

A transcription by Steve Herberman of his tribute to Van Eps, solo guitar as shown in the video below. 

Includes 4 PDF's 

1) 12 page transcription notated in standard notation and TAB with left hand fingerings

2) 7 page standard notation only version with fingerings

3) Leadsheet (melody and chords)

4) Brief performance notes




For George

Rhythm Changes Comping

Two choruses  of rhythm changes comping written in chord diagrams for 6 string guitar, 3 full pages in PDF form. Features pedal points, chromatic line motion, chord substitution and more. Notated in Sibelius.